Decentralized Machine Learning
for Industrial Machinery

Applying Machine Learning to Industrial Machinery
Is Challenging for Providers


Restricted data access

Customers are not willing to share their data. This may be due to legal, strategic or technical restrictions.

Diverse requirements

Machines, processes and customers are different, making it hard to apply one-size-fits-all ML models.

Availability of local IT systems

The availability of local IT systems varies, because they are busy or intermittently have no internet access.

Decentralized Machine Learning with mlx

Model exchange instead of data exchange

Data stays with its owner

mlx enables you to coordinate training, deployment, and management of ML models easily on the customer’s shop floor. There is no need to transfer sensitive customer data. Quickly upgrade industrial PCs in the local environments with minimal effort using mlx.

Adapt to diverse customer requirements

Industrial customers often vary through their local requirements: Machines are used in different settings or processes. With mlx, models can be tailored to these specifics. 

Asynchronous communication

With mlx, your ML-based feature or service is unaffected by machines being temporarily offline. ML Models are deployed on-edge and will run autonomously. Further, machines have an outbound communication and connect with the cloud when they are back online.

Develop the models in the local environment – without the need to centralize data.

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