We enable the secure exchange of AI.

With our innovative technologies we reduce the development time of your hand-tailored artificial intelligence.

Together with you we develop artificial intelligence for your company.

We are convinced that the success of artificial intelligence in your company requires a holistic approach. Thus, we support you in three phases.

Data Exploration & Pre-Analysis

Based on your data and in cooperation with your team, we analyze your data and develop a data & AI roadmap.

Data Analysis & Creation of Analytical Models

With iterative sprints we develop and analyze the analytical models. In close cooperation with you emerge sustainable and useful AI tools.

Development & Testing of a PoCs

For the promising applications we develop prototypes, which show the usefulness and test the possibilities.

Coming Soon: Prenode Model Exchange Platform

The development of analytical models based on artificial intelligence is complex. With our platform we drastically reduce the time for AI development and keep all data sources separated and secure.

Scalable AI development

With the usage of pre-trained forecasting models the AI development with be faster and cheaper.

Secure learning with sensitive data sources

Through the decentralized and encapsulated training of models you never have to reveal your data at any point.

Integrable in your IT landscape

Integrate our platform with your existing systems without distributed data sources.

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