Job Details

July 2021




Software development



Job Type

Software Engineer


Demonstrated proficiency in Python, JS, Java or a similar. Demonstrated proficiency with microservices as well as designing large and scalable software systems


1+ years of industry experience as a software engineer or developer

About us

prenode has evolved from academic data science projects to a KIT spin-off that develops cutting-edge AI software inspired by innovative research. We help to scale AI effectively across organizational boundaries without revealing raw data at any time.

We enable companies that face analytical challenges to create AI models in the local environments of their products without exchanging local data. By leveraging our Decentralized Machine Learning technology, they are able to incorporate stronger performing models more efficiently – without the necessity of large training data sets.

Our young and dedicated team consists of a mix of professionals, former researchers, and graduates. We all are keen to boost AI development while maintaining high standards in both data privacy and the use of latest tools and technology. To achieve this, we practice a flexible and modern working culture to make use of the spectrum of possibilities in the digital environment.

We have a proven track record of research excellence and successful projects and work together to form a dynamic and ambitious team spirit. For our journey to the top of collaborative AI development, we want to extend our team with talented and driven individuals.

Your Tasks

  • Design and develop software and system architectures
  • Enable to create and improve distributed machine learning in a robust, secure and scalable system
  • Create and deploy machine learning services
  • Write clean, well tested and well-documented code
  • Engineer and set up data integrations, write microservices and help to automate processes

What we offer

  • A dynamic and ambitious environment that guarantees you a steep learning curve and the possibility for growth
  • A flexible and modern working culture that gives you the advantages of today’s digital possibilities and tools
  • Innovative new technology and approach that ensures your everyday work is purposeful and impactful
  • A fun and committed team that wants to collaborate and learn from each other

Your Profile

  • Passionate about writing code and creating software
  • You have a track record of leading the design and development of a software product and features
  • Strong computer science and development fundamentals, including algorithm design, data structures, and complexity analysis
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Python, JS, Java or a similar
  • Demonstrated proficiency with microservices as well as designing large and scalable software systems
  • Open mindset to grow and constantly improve your skills
  • Ability to mentor junior software engineers or software developers

What we value

  • Innovation. We love technology and the new possibilities it enables.
  • Happiness and growth. We seek an environment in which everyone has a good time and can develop its full potential.
  • Data privacy. We believe great advancements in AI and data privacy can go along.