Federated Learning on Medical Data:
Collaborative Research Project with ZEISS

Federated Learning in Opthalmology Medical data is especially sensitive and its centralization is often not possible. This can make the development of machine learning models challenging, as traditional approaches rely on large data sets for model training and evaluation. In

Winner of AI Competition BW:
Predictive Maintenance for WEISSER Turning Machines

Innovation Contest: “AI Made in Baden-Württemberg” We are proud to announce that our proposal was accepted as part of an innovation contest by the Ministry of Economics BW. Together with WEISSER Group and Hahn-Schickard, we are developing a predictive maintenance solution for

Academic Activities at KIT:
Lectures on Digital Services and Artificial Intelligence

Student Lectures at KIT prenode is actively involved in academic lectures at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Among others, prenode co-CEOs Robin Hirt and Ronny Schüritz are contributing know-how and practical insights to lectures at the Institute of Information

Master’s Thesis at KSRI and KIT:
Techniques for Overcoming Data Abundance

The Challenge: ML on Small & Distributed Data Sets In his master’s thesis with the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI), prenode team member Michael Jahns explores techniques for overcoming data abundance. He conducts research on how companies can implement machine

Institute Cooperation:
Research Projects with Critical Information Infrastructures Group

Strengthening Academic Ties prenode values innovation: we believe that new approaches and technologies explored in academia enable new opportunities in the field of AI and machine learning. For an active exchange on current trends and discoveries, academic cooperation plays an

prenode as Research Advisor:
Activities in Advisory Councils of Cross-Domain Projects

Contributing Expert Knowledge prenode actively contributes know-how on machine learning and AI development in various research projects. Through our position in the advisory boards of two collaborative projects, we can exchange cross-domain knowledge. This enables us to provide expertise on

StartUpSecure Initiative:
Research Project Supporting the National IT-Strategy

StartUpSecure Initiative prenode is proud to be among the selected projects for the StartUpSecure program. The initiative aims to support research teams that focus on cyber security topics. StartUpSecure was launched as part of the national IT security strategy and is